Press Release

Press Release

Dated: 22.2.2012


Tura Internet & Service Centre (TISC) introduced SMS Community & EDU VARTA project to Tura Community. TISC is a project of New Delhi based Digital Empowerment Foundation, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), a Dept. of IT (Govt. of India) special agency, and with local support from the Member of Parliament.

Mr.Ravi Ghate, National Youth Awarded from Pune, attended the programme as chief resource person. In a three day programme both the projects are introduced to Tura Community as well as in all the colleges and Northeastern Hill University (NEHU). In first and third day along with TISC team MR. Ghate visited Durama College, Govt College, PASF Higher Secondary School, NEHU (Tura Campus) and introduced EDU VARTA project to the student community. In second day with the presence of representative from different community, organization Mr. Ghate introduced and finally trained 18 people. As a local resource person Ms. Smera A. Sangma, Executive Director P.A.Sangma Foundation also attends the programme.

The main aim of EDU VARTA project is to guide the student in every step of their career.

With this services student can get all information in related to education and career. In front of student Mr. Ghate demonstrated the project and also showed how one can get all career related information from expert through online service. Student can get all information in regard of job, competitive examination, entrance test, scholarship and also about any type of educational as well as carrier related solution through SMS service.  Student only needs to send a message with the queries.

The main aim of SMS Community project is to connect the people through SMS service. With the help of the project we can convey all type of information to the people. With the project we can connect different community. Through SMS service we can send all type of social news to the people. People can get a lot of benefit with this service. The project is also friendly for unemployed youth. Through advertisement unemployed youth can also earn money. Mr. Ghate also gave example of different state where unemployed youths are earning with this project.

In the workshop cum training programme eighteen participants from different community, organization joined and created different SMS Community. The project is also targeted to cover all the educational institution of West Garo Hills.


Tura Internet & Services Centre (TISC)

Sora complex

PA Sangma Foundation College Building

Tele: 03651-233099

Mobile: Mobile: 8011051307, 9863735284


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